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A product Seduta d'Arte, an exclusive product, with innovative design, made ​​with only quality materials and built with care by skilled hands. 

All branded products "Seduta d'Arte" are made exclusively in our factories having thus full control of every phase of production from the tanning of raw hides and padding the stem, cut and sewn, the assembly , packaging and finally shipment. 
All this takes place in full respect of the Environment and Safety in the workplace, in compliance with the most stringent national and EU regulations. 

In the production phase the use of computer technology allows Seduta d'Arte to manage the logistic committed in a perspective of "just in time" through a system which is able, in real time, to monitor each stage of the cycle processing and verifying the quality and timeliness of delivery. 

The frames we use are obtained by using quality timber that ensures the strength and therefore the resistance to the stresses of our sofas. 
The materials chosen are tested with the intent to control the yield in all weather conditions and in the course of time. The frame structure is completed by suspensions (belt) high strength, retaining their characteristic elasticity over time, confer with excellent cushioning comfort. 

Relatively to the structure and aesthetic line of each model, we use three different types of padding: Polyurethane foam
Polyester fiber
Goose feathers

The skin is a noble material, durable and valuable long-lasting and improves its aesthetic qualities, over the years. The skins are selected in the countries of origin and processed in the best Italian tanneries. 

We select for you the best fabrics are resistant to traction and light, and can ensure a flawless finish in time. 

The feet, as part of the sofa, are carefully designed and manufactured with materials suitable to ensure an excellent aesthetic effect.

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